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bye angel
yamatenshi went back to japan last week. we received presents from him and his lovely, equally angelic wife.

growing up is a really scary thing. you gotta accept endings. you gotta accept that you will get replaced by new people. you gotta learn to be hard hearted and forget about people you love because they have long kicked you out of their hearts.

treasure those who still love you. accept their flaws, because at the very least you still have a place in their hearts.
let go of those who always come up with excuses. don't be touched by how perfect they seem to be, because these people will never be there for you.
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my love
i may not have all the fancy dinners and gorgeous bags but i must say that i am still very blessed. right now i have the two most amazing persons by my side, angels who will do anything to protect me. i am really, really thankful.

this week.. has been very eventful. f brought me to universal studios on sunday and i had my first ride on a roller coaster. although it left me with a bruise, and i was scared silly, i had such a great time!! also took the battlestar red and i couldnt manage the blue. didnt have any appetite afterwards though all i had was the little mel cheesecakes from petit merville (from hokkaido fair) in the morning. transformers ride was fantastic!! could have taken it again but the queue was half an hour long ): so he bought me a transformers shirt as a souvenir before we left :D tried to eat some rosti for dinner but i really couldnt stomach anything.. was so scared i would start puking if i ate anymore.

today i got into trouble. and there was my angel for me again. dont want to say what exactly happened but to sum it up, i would most probably be fired if not for him.

i wish for good things to happen to them.
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i don't even.


i did eyelash extensions recently. and i regretttttt it

sure, it gave me really pretty eyes and i don't need to put makeup anymore but it makes cleansing so darn difficult!!

i still apply sunblock so i use a makeup remover everyday, and i gotta be extra careful when i clean the eye area. 

thennnnn i gotta be extra careful when rinsing because i can't rub my eyes. i gotta let the water run over my eyelids... gently. wtf are you kidding me

then repeat the whole tedious process again with cleanser.

so tempted to pull them out and stick to false lashes.

and i pulled out a wisdom tooth last week. now i can't kiss eat properly. the extraction doesn't hurt but LA injections hurt. given 20 painkillers and i only took one before i went to bed on the first night gimme back my money

anyways i watched hall 15's production too. not sure if i am stupid or what because i still don't get the story, but i must say the main actress is super pretty and the actor is super cute. 
so what happened in the end? nobody survived? they all went crazy?

mannn i wanna drink some bubble tea now i dunno what i'm saying. 
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still super delicate-ing
big boss and big big boss came over to sg last week and brought us some seriously yummy green tea cake made with sake (that's all i care about ahahaha) and we had lunch together.

work was good. i have been error-free for a week! :D

took half day leave yesterday to visit doc but i was 2 hours late oh well. doc already left ahahaha! went to roberstson quay for dinner. wanted to eat at bella but i couldn't get a reservation so we had mentaiko pasta at tcc instead. not bad, but i still wanna go to bellaaaaa

^had dessert at laurent bernard. they ran out of grand marnier ): so we had rum and raisin souffle instead. it's so cute, there is this little dropper filled with rum which we gotta squeeze into the souffle! also had warm chocolate cake and hot chocolate. everyone says the service there is horrid (well-known horrid) but i find it great! the waitresses were all smiley and courteous, and even asked us how we found the food.
me: YUMMY!

we saw grumpy laurent AHAHAHAHA. joking xD he didn't look grumpy at all.

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super delicate hsj
aa boku ni wa~

i really like this song a lot <3

was eating at honeymoon dessert when kinki kids' yakusoku started playing and i was like omggggggg this is so sad *cries*

okk ignore the songs talk. went to bugis (again) today and surprisingly, it was quite empty. didn't have a good time shopping though, there wasn't much to buy. i couldn't find all the dresses and skirts i wanted why oh why (T_T)

i love taimei.

watched underworld yesterday. while i still do not think the series is good, it was still wayyyy better than sparkling cullen. *facepalm* why did i even bother to watch sparkling vampire and hot werewolf in the first place, i dunno. must have been too stoned at that moment. where's my bong?

i am so overwhelmed with monday blues now i can't even organise my thoughts. fuckkk it is only sunday!

uhhh.. i havent read manga for agesssss so i am going to read some now. bye!

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my vaio died.

have given my dad my dell so i do not have a spare laptop to use. while i can just use the desktop it is kind of troublesome cause i have to sit in the study.. i need to watch my kenneth ma on the tv ahaha

um jugem doesn't have an ipad app? so i am using the iphone one.. which is such a bitch to type on.

soooo it's 2012! somehow i do look forward to this year though recession is coming closeeeee ahahaha. i have made the decision to stop tutoring anymore because time is too little. i have been really busy so i only have time on weekends.. which i have decided to set aside for my family and friends. much as i would like to earn more money, what good would being rich be if i lost everyone else? people often work so hard that they neglect relationships. and relstionships need to be maintained. to all my friends, i hope we will be able to continue counting the number of days together.

anywaysss, i have also decided to give up on making resolutions cause i didn't even stick to a single one last year lol. all i am going to do is to wish for this year to be great for all my friends, be it studies, work or relationships. i must say that i have been very lucky to have found a decent job with helpful and patient colleagues (never mind my salary zzz lol). and yes, my gentle lovely angelic boss ahahaha.

my relationship with my dad has somewhat improved too, and i hope it will get even better. it was my parents' 25th anniversary yesterday and he got my mom a rolex, even though it is many times his monthly pay. which just goes to show how much he loves my mom, even after so many years. he may have a horrible temper but at least family is still no.1 to him. it must be really lonely for him to be working there, so i hope i will get many many pay rises soon and he will be able to come back and live with us again ahahaha

okie okie i will stop here. everyone, enjoy cny!

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just keep buying, just keep buying..

finally managed to get dolly wink no.2 yay!

don't like bb cream but desperate times call for desperate measures ahaha. heard this innisfree one is good for acne skin. hope it works on my pimples *crosses fingers*

and ummm more rose of heaven! it's not that they are super good but i just like the fragrance *superficial*
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merry christmas
byakuran is LOLOLOL. cruel but still lovable. 

caught sherlock holmes today. i love the soundtracks 8D
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caught you're the apple of my eye again yesterday,  not because it's such a good film like what everyone says (i find it too crude to be funny actually though i think it is a lot better than most of the ridiculous romance idol shows nowadays), but because you're the apple of my eye.

i actually bought stand o food 3 to play on my ipad ahaha. for those who didn't know... i keep my ipad in the bathroom to entertain me when i do mega huge business. 
good. now nobody will want to borrow it anymore. it is a really redundant gadget when you don't school anymore.

3 more days left before my master comes back from europe, yet i haven't even declared any variables for the program i am supposed to write for the option trader. i am so gonna *insert favorite death scene* dim dim dim i'm really dim

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started early ended late
i thought i could come back earlier today but i took the wrong train. 

then it was raining so heavily that i had to take a taxi back. the queue was super long!!

so i reached home only 1.5hours later. 

i think i should type more but i just don't know what to say. ummmm life is good. who am i kidding.

most of my shoes are dying. my chinese laundry pair is torn but i still wear it everyday cause it's just soooo comfortable. i don't care if people think i am too poor to afford a proper pair.

i wish there's a CL store here ):

shall spend some $$ tomorrow. retail therapy always works,, for a while.
without fail i will go shopping every saturday and without fail i'll emo on every sunday because without fail there will be some things i regret buying.
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